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Everyone aboard

There are few things giving more joy than a cruise at sea. As a part of the industry we know the impact of a secure and nice boarding and landing. We have many years of experience to produce and install any kind of shelter and protection between all the tricky connection points in a terminal system, not to mention the never-look-alike-situation between the bridge and all the different cruise doors, no one like the other.

Terminal Seals, inflatable

Inflatable short-travel-seals taking care of that inevitable gap between the mobile bridge and the terminal. These once does the job, and they does it in winds far above the cruising itself allow.

Gangway Roofing, inflatable

Inflatable roof that allows you to pull in, tip over, swing and wiggle that last gangway. They are transparent which create a nice environment to walk through.





Critical Points

This picture illustrates very good how dynamic an inflatable weather seal must be to sit tight towards the ship no matter movements, rain, snow or strong winds. 

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